What is TypeScript Data Type – Any

TypeScript has type-checking and compile-time checks. However, we do not always have prior knowledge about the type of some variables, especially when there are user-entered values from third party libraries. In such cases, we need a provision that can deal with dynamic content. The Any type comes in handy here.Example: Any Copy

let something: any = "Hello World!"; 
something = 23;
something = true;

The above code will compile into the following JavaScript.

var something = "Hello World!";
something = 23;
something = true;

Similarly, you can create an array of type any[] if you are not sure about the types of values that can contain this array.Example: Any type Array Copy

let arr: any[] = ["John", 212, true]; 
console.log(arr); //Output: [ 'John', 212, true, 'Smith' ] 

The above example will generate the following JavaScript code:

var arr = ["John", 212, true];

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